miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

English numerals (numbers, dates, years.... etc)

Here you have two links where you can check how to say the date, how to read the years, etc.



All cats are grey in the dark

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  1. There are a lot of interesting things here. I would like to know why in the some american films they write "13:25 zulu". Do you know this?... Rut?... Chus?

    Do you watched or listened this sometimes?

    This is a strange thing for me.

    Perhaps this is an American nonsense. I don't know.

    Thanks. Bye.

  2. I would like to know why in the some american films they write "15:54 zulú".

    Do you watched or listened this sometimes?

    Perhaps this is an american nonsense. I don't Know.

    Thanks. Bye.

  3. Check this, I think this is the answer:


  4. I can't to open this place. Maybe you can to explain me jourself. I have write this address and neither connet.

    I am all ears. Thank you.

  5. It does work. You select the address and press ctrl+c on your keyboard and then you put the mouse icon on the direction bar and press ctrl+v to copy it.

    If you cannot do it, write 'zulu hour' on the google bar and you´ll have lots of explanations. Also in wikipedia you have it.

    Tell me if you can do it or not.

  6. All rigth! It's a very interesting form to synchronize cloks for important objective. The same hour on everywhere in the world.

    There is another hidden power in here. The first comment appear and disappear because the magic. It goes... goes back...

    I don't find explanation.

    Thank to your help! Bye

  7. I don´t know why the first comment was on the spam folder. I put it in the right place.

  8. I don't know neither why. But I tryed to write the first comment for three times. You can to see (7 comentarios publicados, now eigth) but in the cover you can read eigth (now nain) comment. There is still one hidden comment like the two first. Don't worry, it isn't important.

    Perhaps there are spirits playing with us. I go to make to trap for they. We can to take them in the darkkness.

    don't you do noise.

  9. I sayd you yesterday, now I'm a woman massager; perhaps the best woman massager in the earth. But the man alwais want to go quick, then is very dificult to work with them. The women like to go more quietly. I can to work with they very better.

    I'm studing a lot this job in Thailandia last week. Everywomen must to go to take a massage one time on month. It is very beneficial causeo the health.

    I am waiting your visit.


  10. Tonight my server was lost, I can't write anything, what a pity!
    About the massage, my husband is ill, he has a back ache. I suppose he would like a good massage. This is true.
    At this moment I don´t know where we are, our plane had an accident and we had landed in the middle of the jungle.
    In the next comunication I´ll say you more things. Bye.

  11. Really? I'll to speak with my friend Tarzan of the monkeys and he'll speaks with his friends the monkeys elefants, lyons... and they'll sind you.

    You don't must to stay on the ground because de snakes and nigth animals. They are very dangerous. It is very good to go up on the trees while find you.

    Don't have afraid. They will find you quickly. Don't make nothing, only wait in the trees.

    I'll tell you tomorrow. Bye.

  12. I have got a computer, in this jungle has a lot of things, althought I'll wait for your rescue. I'm afraid, there are many strange sounds. The light moon is very clear and I have seen a lot of shadows. Come soon, please!!!

  13. I have to say you only one more thing, I´m in the library, the next monday I think I'll have my computer. Bye.

  14. Good morning Chus; I speaked with my friend Tarzan but he is in Helsinki for holiday.Then he can't to go for you untill the next month.

    I speaked also with the "A team" . The john smith (The coronel) said me that the next wednesday at 16:45 zulu, they'll are in south Africa with you and "MA" is making a new machine with Murdock and Fenix.

    They will find you quickly. Don't worry. They are specialist.

    They'll detec your heat with their instruments.

    Hold on! we're nearly there.

    See you soon. Bye

  15. Today is monday I am still here. Please help me! I'm afraid. Until wednesday there are two days.
    I'm seeing that somebody is coming, who will be?
    In the next comunication I'll tell you... Bye.

  16. I'm in the library again, my computer is travelling... I don't know where it's.

  17. Are you ready? Today at 16:45 zulu you'll be rescue. After rescui we will make a party for you. It will be very fanny but before will eat a lot of good Spanish food.

    Now I must to go work. See you this afternoon in the jungle. Good bye.

  18. Hello!! I'm here again. I'm grateful for your help and your party.
    Today I'm tired, the party finished late. It was very funny, the zulu dancers were entertaining.
    Now I'm going to rest and to swing in the lake. See you tomorrow.

  19. And what about the food? It was delicious. I eated like a wedding. I am nearly ill. I don't eat so much three years ago.

    I go to rest too. I need one or two weeks to repair my body.

    It was very funny. We must to repeat this party one or two times each year.

    Good bye.

  20. I have been sleeping during tree days, I was very tired. Now I'm perfect to work in the gold mine, only for checking, of course.
    I don't if it has been a dream but this night I've seen strange people, they have dressed with a very singular clothes. There were avatars, egyptians, cannibals, dodgem cars... It was very strange. Perhaps I shall know the reason of this madness today...

  21. You was under drugs effects, I think. Some the african people make the spirits dances and take drugs for tradition. If you drink this drugs or smell some plants ; Then, you can to see all things that you say and you can to have a lot of powers during this time.

    You was living in your imagination.

    you'll be perfectly after little days. I'm sure.

    You are free, this is the most important. You must to work carefully in the mine. It can to be dangerous. Come back soon and don't forget my small green emerald. Bye.

  22. Hello! At last I'm better. I think the other night I ate something in bad conditions.
    Anyway I'm ready to work hard.
    This morning I had got your emerald, it's green, pretty and... small. It's difficult to find one.
    If you want the next saturday we can celebrate a party with our families to give you the emerald, at the same time we'll celebrate the father's day.
    Do you like it?

  23. I would like a lot to do this party with you and your family but I must to go to congratulate the white star morning's father in this day because the indian tradition. Do you remember? The indian spirits send me a curse. I must to fulfil this tradition.

    Anyway I wish you are a happy day with your family in this party.

    We'll have another reason to make this party.

    See you later. Bye.

  24. Sorry, I didn't remember that you were the Sitting Bull's grandgrandson. I thought that your family and you had the Father's Day free.
    We have to prepare a photographic safary. South Africa is a great country to have new experiences.
    We expect you and your wife.
    Meanwhile, be careful with the tomahawk!!, It can be dangerous.
    Have a good day!!
    See you.

  25. Always I liked very much the animals, I'm sure you'll get a lot of beautiful fhotos with them. But don't you approach very much by animals, cause it can to be dangerous.
    You can get wonderful landscapes with mountains and rivers.

    Perhaps one day you can to show me them in your album or maybe you can to send me in here. Isn't it?.

    I go to sleep now. Good nigth and happy dreams.

  26. I've just come from the photographic safary.
    Now I'm looking at the photos, they are horrible.
    They seems like if they were taken in Sacedón, the lions seems cats, the cocrodile seems lizard... I'm not a good photographer. The best of this trip was the landscape.
    It's late, I'm going to rest, Good night.

  27. I can't show you the photos, there was a disaster!
    My house was set on fire, all the things were destroyed.
    Now I have to find another house, I want a small house, I'm going to look for one in Pretoria, it's a quiet and pretty city.
    I'll ask for help to my boss. He has a lot of apartaments. Another day I'll tell you what's the matter with this. Bye

  28. Sorry, I did can't to write because I was into the stomach a whale lake "pinocho". What history!

    Perhaps one day I will tell you. It's very long history.

    I don't stay in Pretoria never. But i would like to go sometimes. I look for fhotos in internet and is a big, beautiful city. I am sure it will lake you. The people is very nice but the food isn't, I think. If you lake the vegetables, you don't will have problems but there are a little places where you can to find international foods.

    I wite you tell me.

    Don't worry for the safary photos. You will can to have more. You are well and this is the more important now. Forgive me I write late.

    Look after you and write me, please.

  29. I thought that you were bored and you didn't want to write anymore.
    I would like to know the story of your adventure with the whale. What interesting thing!!
    I found a little apartament in Pretoria. It is small, it has only one bedroom, but the kitchen is very large. I like it so much. The views are beautiful, it's in the twenty fift floor, and I can see all the city.
    Now I must go to work, another day I'll tell you more things. Bye.

  30. I haven't times for to bored me. You can to send me always into the an estrange place I don't know why, but this is very interesting for me although a lot of times is dangerous.

    I don't remember just one time having afraid in some adventure. I think someday I will write a book with the more interestin adventures for all earth.

    See you tomorrow. bye.

  31. Dear chus; Yesterday I don't have times for describe you my Miami's house. But It is wonderful.

    In the front there is a big garden with a lot of flowers of all the colors. Next to the garden I have a little lake with beautiful colors fishs. There is a medium vegetable garden with tomatoes, onions, lettuces, peppers and cucumbers too. In the backyard there is a water street where I have my small chip. There are into my chip three big rooms, one livingroom, kitchen and a very small bathroom. You can to go to the sea for this water streets.

    If you came in my house, the first thing that you can see next to the door is my favorite Inmaculada virgin in her small altar because I have a small chapel. Into my house, dowstairs, there is a big livingroom, a kitchen next to the diningroom. There are three small rooms, my sister's bedrooms and my bedroom. She cames my house a little times, the another room is a small father's office with a table and four chairs. He likes to stay in my house long times and he needs your office for his bussines. There is a big bathroom too. There is a great library with about two thousand books.

    Uptairs, there are five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a little observatory where you can to see the stars in the nigth.

    Next to my house I did think to have twelve chinkens for the eggs and a small house in the old tree for my children. My old tree is in the backyard.

    I have too a big garage for my four cars and my bycicles. Perhaps some day I will can to send some photos I am sure It will like you.

  32. Your house must be wonderful!!!
    My apartment is more simple than yours. But it's very comfortable and it's easy to clean it.
    I suppose that you have many employers working to look after it.
    You could organize a little party to show to me and my family your beautiful house.
    The next week I'll come back to Spain, I'll expect your invitation. Bye.

  33. Of course, I have prepare a small party for you and your family this Sunday. I wait you at nine o'clock . We can to make a little excursión on my chip in the morning, to see the south coast. There are a lot of dolphines everyday there. I think they will like.

    Afther this, we can to eat in my house. I will prepare some Spanish iberian for starter and the first dish we can to have a little roast lamb with salad of my garden. The second dish I think will be very well a little fish for example sea bass at back and the dessert we can to have a big cheesecake with some ice.

    In the afternoon, we can to go walk to Miami beach and we can to swim us and to take the sun. There are a lot of differents and funny people there.

    If you can to stay at night, we can to dinner too and to see the stars after. It is wonderful to gaze all the firmament in the darknees.

    You have thinking that someone there is far try to see you.

    I am wating you. Bye

  34. It will be a good day!! Did you know that my favorite dessert is the cheese cake?
    I shall bring some bottles of good wine, you know that the Valladolid wine is very good.
    I have to leave you, my doughter wants to play with the computer, she likes Sponge Bob. There are many free plays in internet.
    This night we meet us. Bye