jueves, 7 de abril de 2011


A game for furniture vocabulary.


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  1. Chus; We must to write in here now because the another place is very down there, I think.

    When we go to travel anywhere, we can to put our fhotos in here like the teacher with her travel's partners.

    Where do you'll go the next time? Do you like to go to the beach in summer? or perhaps you prefer to go at mountains? or maybe do would like to go an exotic country to know new people?

    The next place that I will visit is Sevilla, I think, in the april festival cause I like very much the tipical dance and the atmosphere.

    I'll try to put some photos in here.


  2. I'm Sorry!!
    I hadn't seen you. I thougth that you were for a long travel. I have looked at the blog but I don't see your comment.
    Well, I'm here again, about to visit the beach, it's a great idea. I like so much the Canaries Islands. Their beaches are wonderful and the weather is warm always.
    I don't like the April Fair, I prefer another type of party. Although the meal and the drinks that they have there are delicious. We can enjoy of these pleasures but the Sevilla dances, I hate them.

  3. Hello! How are you? The april festival is finish, now we can to go to see the saint week's

    In Valladolid there are a lot of the must important processions from Spain. But I would like to can to go to Sevilla sometime in my life.

    Where do you'll go this saint week's holidays?

    Do you will be here the Sacedón day?

    I am sure I will be. Maybe we have a good day with the family. Bye.

  4. Hello!, I'm fine, thanks.
    You are right, we are going to see the Valladolid processions. My daughter loves the Friday procession. The weatherman has said that the Friday will be cloudy and rainy. In that case we will stay at home.
    The Sacedón day I will also stay at home. I never go to pass the day there, I only take my dauther to get on the carousel in the afternoon.
    I like more a normal day.
    Every way I hope you have a good day. Bye.

  5. In the end, you didn't came to English class the last Tuesday. Only twelve people did go this day.

    Perhaps the people thinked that still there are
    the Saint week's holidays or Maybe they don't arriveb this day because they are outside.

    See you the next Tuesday.

  6. I am sorry a lot for your daugther, I wait she will be well quickly.

    I miss you the last Tuesday in English class but the your daugther's health is more important.

    I receibed your private message for your problem. You can try another time now.

    I'll see soon. Bye.

  7. Today was the bike day, we have gone to go for a ride. We were a few persons, the day was cloudy and rainy, but it was funny.
    I don't see you with your bikes!.
    Now we are going to Sacedon again.
    See you.

  8. I didn't go because my son wantn's.

    My nephew sleeped in my house with my son cause the mother's day and the my wife's birthday.

    See you late. Bay

  9. Hello, I have to tell you a new information, my daugther and I have built a big hospital for pets.
    We take care of many animals.
    There are many services, radiology, physiotheraphy, psychiatry... and it also has a nursery for the more little pets. I think it's a good hospital.
    Our patients are satisfied.
    Also, we have a little girafe to give to someone for adopting.
    I hope you can visit our hospital.

  10. It's a good idea. Always liked a lot the animals.

    When I was a children taked a lot of animals into my mother's house and my poor mother was everyday take out them.

    I have a lot of time in the wood, I know their habits, their needs, their diets. I think it's very interestin thing for me the life of the animals.

    Perhaps I can to go your hospital the next week.

    I have a small bat which don't can fly cause your rádar is broken and crash and crash all the time. It'll be very happy if you can mend his rádar.

    The next answer I'll write in the first message.

    Good bye.