jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011


A listening about apartments. Not that easy.


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  1. I'm happy that you like my hospital.

    Whenever you want you can come to help me, and together we'll cure your bat.

    I don't like to have pets at home, but in my hospital pets are well cared.

    My husband has many animals in Olmedo and my daughter is happy playing with them. She does many sport with the dogs, she runs after them.

    By the moment I leave you. See you tomorrow

  2. I'll go your hospital the next friday in the morning with my bat. It,s a little shy but in the end it is very fun and naughty.

    Now, I have eigth chickens because the eggs and some hundreds of silk's caterphillars but the most make their coccons with the some yellow colour. I remenber when I was a children, my old caterpillars maked their coccons with a lot of colours. I don't now why now only they use one colour. Perhaps they are genetically change.

    My daugther would like to have a small rabbit but I would like she pass their exams. Still I can't bay.

    I must go to work. bye.

  3. Chus; You maked a great job yesterday, I think.

    I only wanted play you a joke. please don't worry. I'm sorry.

    Be happy. See you late.

  4. Don't worry!, I was joking too. It's more funny that way. I laughed in class.

    By the way, you have many problems with the animals at home, you must have a hospital too!.

    About the silk cartepillars, there are a lot of them in Pedrajas, The Coliches sell silk caterpillars and the people look for mulberry leaves like they were crazy. In the Resinera Park there are some mulberry trees.

    Well, I wait for you the next friday. Bye

  5. The same day as you, I publish a message and now I see that it isn't here. Sometimes it seems that there are goblins in my computer.

    I said you that I was joking too, I had a good time. I also like to joke. Don't worry!

    By the way, I also said that you have many problems with the animals in your house, maybe you should build your own hospital.

    Well, anyway I'll wait another day to take a look at your animals. Bye.

  6. Chus; I readed your message before it did disappears.

    It was very funny corret your exam, your face was astonished.

    My more big ploblem now it the search of the names for the hundreds silk's caterpillars. I think call antonio at all they.

    I will go to the bakery now because the bread.

    farewell. bye.

  7. Hello! I don't forget you, I've only been really busy.

    As time is so good, I spend much time outdoors.

    About the names of your pets, I think is not a good idea to call all Antonio. There are many beautiful names, ask your child.

    Now I'm going to spend the afternoon in Sacedón. Bye.