domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

Merry Christmas!!

This year, to celebrate Xmas in class, we are going to learn how to make Gingerbread cookies. Hope you like it.  Go to

You can add any recipe that you like in

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  1. I don'tspeak englis.Could you pleas help me?

  2. Rut; Today I must go to the doctor with my daughter at six o'clok p.m. in Valladolid.

    I wil arrive a little late your English class.

    I think I can arrive at about ten to seven.

    I'm sorry. See you late.

  3. Merry christmas and happy new year.
    Sin translator.

  4. Happy New Year to all ringers English course

  5. In a few days in class we are back again