martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Back to class!!!

Hi everybody!! How was your summer?

We are back and we would like you to join our clases again!!! You can already enroll for our courses in your villages and don´t forget to come to the meetings!!


Olmedo: Monday 18th at 11.00.
Iscar: Friday 21st at 11.00.
Pedrajas: Thursday 27th at 12.00.

See you soon!!!

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  1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  2. I am very happy start the new English's year. I will try write a lot in this block.

    I can't go to the book's direction and I would like have one but I don't know how can arrive.

    If you can write hear the more fast way, I will can go.

    I need your help.

    Thank you. Bye!

  3. Hi!!! You have to go to and register yourself in Englishvillages. Try to do it, if you can´t, let me know and I´ll help you.

    Regards from Turkey!!

  4. I would like to be in Turkey with you but I can't. Enjoy this travel and tell us after your history.

    I don't knowed you speak french.

    I will try do you say.

    See you soon.

  5. Hello Rut! Today I was to wikispaces and register myself in English Villages. Now? I have a wiki and I have a lot of things because I accept all buttons.

    I don't find the page where you can choose a book to learn English.

    You know me and I want a very good book for my. I would like you choose my book and send me the next Tuesday.

    Thank Rut.


    1. On the right of your screen it is written "books" and there you can see all the books you can choose.

      See u Tuesday :)

    2. Rut; in the "comentarios" of last fhoto of Turkey, I writed the books that I would like have to read.

      I write under the page of the books into the block English village too.

      You must go there and watch the books I want.

      Thank, Rut.

      See you soon.