viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Hi everybody!! Turkey is a very nice place. Here you have some pictures taken while we worked for our, hopefully, next project.

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  1. I know anybody but there is a person which is like my friend Mohamed. He live in Turkey but he's more young and fat.

    In the last picture there is a man with his fingers on the table which is very happy with you, I think. He is wearing a dark blue suit, with a white shirt, a purple tie and a very suspicious nice smile.

    The rest of the people only think work and work.

    You like tired. You must sleep and rest.

    Soon, you will travel another time.

    Now i guess the future.

    Don't forget my book.

    See you the next Tuesday!

  2. Rut; I wryte in the another block, the book that I would like read.

    You can bring me all or one of they the next Tuesday.

    I prefer begin for the easy.

    Thank. Bye!